Uniform Master's Studies

Law - five year full-time/part-time studies

While studying a student:

- gains knowledge of universal standards of the legal profession, as well as modern tools and techniques of legal practice. A student gains the ability to use acquired knowledge, skills and competences not only as a legal professional, such as a prosecutor, a judge, etc., but also in pursuing newly created professions;

- gains knowledge in the field of interpretation of provisions of law as well as the ability to use logic and legal reasoning;

- acquires discussion, negotiation and mediation skills;

- gains the ability to identify legal difficulties and to solve problems under current law and in accordance with the rules of the doctrine of law and judicature as well as professional and ethical standards and social awareness.



Graduates are prepared to work as highly-qualified, business oriented legal professionals, in particular to occupy management positions as well as to conduct business activities in the EU market. They are also prepared to perform functions and to properly perform of all the tasks imposed on positions which require legal knowledge, both in public and private sectors. In addition, the graduates are prepared to undertake training in order to be admitted to the bar or to become a judge or a prosecutor.