Undergraduate (Bachelor's) Degree

Social Economy- three year full-time/part-time studies, a practice oriented approach

While studying a student:

 - gains up-to-date knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of economic choices, functioning of a social market economy and its sustainable development;

 - gains knowledge of tools and techniques enabling description and explanation of the functioning of the contemporary socio-economic systems and definition of social needs in a local and regional context;

- acquires the ability to make efficient and creative decisions.



Graduates gain knowledge in the field of economics, law and social science as well as up-to-date knowledge of the functioning of a social market economy. They acquire the ability to

take advantage of legal forms to conduct business activities which are additionally socially oriented together with knowledge in the field of human resource management. They gain knowledge of new forms of employment and modern systems of work. The social skills and competences acquired during the studies refer to cooperation with others, leadership, problem solving techniques, public speaking and formulating a position paper. Thus, the graduates are prepared to properly perform all the tasks imposed on positions which require knowledge in the field of economics, in particular  management positions and independent specialist positions.